About Us

Sodera helps software-driven companies grow their margins — which starts with cloud cost intelligence.

You can’t run a technology company if you can’t connect technical decisions to business results.

Back when companies ran in data centers, engineering teams were forced to build products that fit. Today, the cloud has enabled infinite scale — and with it, infinite costs.

And those costs? They change every time you add a customer, push an update, or well, wait a few minutes.

Cloud cost data arrives like a grocery store receipt — with a list of ingredients, but no clue about what it costs to make a meal.

As a result, executives are running companies on fuzzy math.

They’re estimating the cost of their products, features, customers, or market segments — and they don’t know where they’re actually making money.

That’s why Sodera is on a mission to empower engineering leaders to be elevated to business leaders they should be — by creating a shared language for them and the rest of their company to discuss cost.

Because when everyone has access to cloud cost intelligence, companies can grow and innovate — profitably.

Life At Sodera

You can’t build a great company without a great team. We’re looking for candidates who are passionate; passionate about the cloud, passionate about technology, and passionate about helping their fellow team members succeed.

If you enjoy learning new things, love solving hard problems, and prefer working without a rulebook, then Sodera might be a fit for you.

Sodera is building a remote-first team. All U.S. candidates are encouraged to apply.